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720ml Cereal Combo - Donut King - Shortfill Sample Pack

FREE NIC SHOTS 720ml Cereal Combo - Donut King  - Shortfill Sample Pack

720ml Cereal Combo - Donut King - Bundle Deal

 £89.88  £49.97 Including VAT Price Includes Free Shipping
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3 reviews

This product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers. You must be eighteen (18) years of age. Rejuiced. will not sell products to minors. Rejuiced reserves the right to cancel any sales transaction based on its sole discretion where it reasonably believes the purchaser is purchasing products on behalf of a minor. We use third party age verification checks to make sure orders are submitted by users over 18.
This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

720ml Cereal Combo - Donut King - Shortfill Sample Pack

Our Exclusive 720ml Breakfast Cereal by Donut King deal includes :

Strawberry Choco Pops - 120ml
A tasty mix of strawberry and white chocolate that turns the milk to a perfect pink! Get the best of both worlds of smooth white chocolate and juicy strawberries.

Pancakes & Syrup - 120ml
Fluffy and buttery stack of pancakes liberally topped with rich, golden maple syrup! Take your breakfast up a notch!

Jam on Toast - 120ml
Delectable and fresh strawberry jam spread lavishly on a golden toast base, making sure every puff is full of satisfying fruit taste!

Irish Charms - 120ml
Crunchy wheat cereal complimented by sweet fluffy marshmallows fully saturated with creamy milky goodness! You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with this!

Fruit Bowl - 120ml
A harmonious relationship of various juicy fruits in a bowl! If you’re feeling adventurous in the beginning of your day, this is definitely for you.

Frosted Flakes - 120ml
A classic breakfast cereal drenched in in creamy, delicious milk! What a way to kickstart your day!

720ml - Worth £89.98

Plus 12 free nicotine shots and free shipping.

Flavour profile : Cereal
Rating : 3.3 3 reviews
Coil Friendly :
Bottles : 6x 120ml Non Letter Box Friendly Bottles (Parcel) & 12x10ml Nicotine Shots.
Nicotine : 0mg Ready to vape.
1.5mg Add 1 x 10ml - 18mg nicotine shot.
3mg Add 2 x 10ml - 18mg nicotine shots.
VG/PG Blend :
Manufactured : UK Certified ISO7 Cleanroom.
12/02/2023 Matt   Verified

I enjoyed the flavours - maybe a little on the sweet side for me but that is personal taste. I also found a fresh coil wouldn't quite last a full bottle before needing replacement. The main issue I had was with the bottle design. On the surface, it should be excellent - an easy-access flip lid to add nicotine. However, in practice, the lids leak and topping up can get a little messy.

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13/12/2022 Marc Brady   Verified

Love this range and love this Cereal Combo - Frosted flakes being the first flavour I've tried, sweet and baked, can't fault the flavour at all. Looking forward to the rest. Easy bottles to add the nic shot also. Would most certainly recommend these!

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11/08/2022 Tom Sullivan   Verified

I wrote a very similar review on the coolers'. LOVE the OG donut range. They are actually amazing. These thoughi think these are worse than the coolers. Please don't go down hill as a company. I'll be buying your donut ones til i die lol. I haven't tried fruit bowl yet, but only because it was the least exciting. Maybe it might be the best one? Also, the reason the score is sooooo lowi bought this pack and the coolers pack. That cost 100 and i don't really like any of them lol. I'd steer clear but i would 100% recommend EVERYONE try the donut ones (green). Literally the best liquids ever!

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