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About the Isle of Custard

Isle of Custard - Rejuiced and Reborn.

Back in 2015, on a little rocked hailed the Isle of Wight, an unknown storm was brewing! A young married couple, Mike and Marzena, began an adventure that was set to change their world....
Mike, a vaper for many years, since 2011. Like many other vapers worldwide, searched for that golden e-liquid that would be fit to vape all day every day.

Starting of with the well known basic flavours, RY4, strawberry, coffee etc, all were satisfactory and worked in their intended use to kick the habit of tobacco.
One day, Mike tried his first custard, and loved it!  After several bottles though, it had lost it's appeal. 
After trying lots of big brand custards on the market, and none quite hitting the mark (too sweet, sickly or chemically tasting) , an urge was felt to try and master the skills of making e-liquids, especially custards!

It didn't go too well at first, in fact terrible. Unfit to vape mostly and ended up in the sewers. So Mike continued to vape the best custards he could find.
A few months or so later, the urge was back and this time Mike was not going to give up. So came months of trial and error, trying to match or better his favourite custards that were out there.
Eventually something magical happened, a custard, not just any custard but a delicious creamy rich biscuit custard! Smitten and forever bitten by that biscuity vanilla delight,
Mike was in heaven! This masterpiece led the way to a few more custards of greatness, named mostly as they were at that time, custard cream, vanilla custard, and custard donut.

A year or 2 passed and Mike still fully enjoyed his creations, he vaped only them. In this time a few a friends had tried these blends, and always wanted more. Naturally, proud and eager, Mike was happy to oblige. The demand grew......

The husband and wife team created the Isle of Custard and released their first string of custards.....Son of Biscuit Eater, Captain's Custard, Cutlass Custard and Captain's Custard Donut.

These golden full bodied custards were set to create a loud noise in the vaping world, much unknown and unexpected to the duo.
Word spread fast, it wasn't long until they both had to leave their full time jobs to keep up with the demand with the website. At the same time they also opened up a shop, to bring not only just the benefits of vaping to their locals, but also to have an outlet to fill up with their delightful custards for everyone on the Isle of Wight.

During this time and coming into 2018, the website and wholesale demand had grown and kept growing for Isle of Custard, not only just in the UK, but Europe too. Starting to feel the strain, struggling to keep up with the demand, Now thriving vape shop owners by day and large scale production and international wholesalers by night.

Mike and Marzena unfortunately fell victim of their own success. It just wasn't humanly possible for a husband and wife team to supply the volume that was being demanded. Not knowing what to do with this monster, Ultimately, forcing them to close doors to IOC at the beginning of the 2018.

Given it would have been a crime to let these marvellous creations disappear forever, Rejuiced E-liquid reached out to Mike hoping to bring them back for all! Rejuiced already had in place the necessary production team, ISO 7 cleanroom and manufacturing machinery to fulfil the demand, Mike and Rejuiced quickly agreed a deal to get the Isle of Custard back up and running.

June 10th 2018, The Isle of Custard was reborn! You can now buy all Mikes original recipes exactly as they we're first lovingly created.

If you want to thank Mike for his fantastic recipes, you can still visit Mike and Marzena, at same vape shop where this historic event first took place in the backroom of The Isle of vapes , Isle of Wight!