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Kentucky Virginian NET Bacco - 50ml Shortfill

FREE NIC SHOT Kentucky Virginian NET Tobacco - 50ml Shortfill

Kentucky Virginian NET Tobacco - 50ml

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Free Nic shot worth 95p

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8 reviews

This product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers. You must be eighteen (18) years of age. Rejuiced. will not sell products to minors. Rejuiced reserves the right to cancel any sales transaction based on its sole discretion where it reasonably believes the purchaser is purchasing products on behalf of a minor. We use third party age verification checks to make sure orders are submitted by users over 18.
This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

Kentucky Virginian NET Tobacco - 50ml Shortfill

Bold rolling tobacco from Virginia.

NET Naturally Extracted Tobacco.

Naturally extracted tobacco tastes exactly like real cigarettes, pipes or rolling tobacco because it's made from real tobacco. However, NET contains absolutely zero flavourings.
Our process: Pure Tobacco is distilled in PG for 6 months, then filtered and cold-pressed to preserve the traditional leaf tobacco flavor (without any of the nasty chemicals associated with real tobacco smoke).

  • Contains Zero Flavourings.
  • Great for new and old vapers missing tobacco.
  • Forget Tobacco flavours you've tried in the past, NET is a completely different experience.
  • The closest you can get to smoking real tobacco in E-Liquid Form.

Flavour profile : Tobacco
Rating : 4.4 8 reviews
Coil Friendly :
Very Good
Bottles : 60ml Letter Box Friendly & 10ml Nicotine Shot.
Volume : 60ml net. (After 10ml free nicotine shot is added).
Nicotine :    0mg Ready to vape.
1.5mg Add 5ml (half) - 18mg nicotine shot.
   3mg Add 10ml - 18mg nicotine shot.
Ingredients : This product does not contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin.
VG/PG Blend :
08/01/2021 Alan Atkinson   Verified

As a ex 35 year plus smoker I've tried loads of different tobacco type liquids and I can safely say without doubt that this Kentucky Virginia net is as close as i've ever come to the taste of an old fashioned cigarette , if your looking to quit smoking but doesn't want to vape on sugar sweets and want a real smokey experience then this is the answer.

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07/12/2020 Sean Pritchard   Verified

I am a caper, roll up, cigar and pipe smoker so finding this range was a smokers dream come true. I've tried many tobacco flavours and found them nothing like tobacco at all! This is spot on. It's a little sweet but definitely taste like tobacco. I can't wait to try the rest 9f the range!

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26/12/2020 Kev   Verified

A real god send, been ciggy free for almost three years now thanks to vaping. Recently I started to have cig cravings so thought I'd go for this NET. Wow great smooth taste and has that real Smokey taste on the exhale. Will most certainly become one of my go to juices. Thanks guys.

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24/10/2020 Paul   Verified

The Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavour is a new concept to me. I've tried various tobacco flavours but none every seemed to quite hit the spot. This however does a great job in fooling me in it's flavour. I guess as it's using tobacco rather than artificial flavourings of course it would! I've been using a button free vape with this, so I can just take drags on it like I would a cigarette, and loving it! About to go order some more I think! Only problem now is that this one was so good I want more of this but keen to try the other NET flavours too! Decisions decisions... might just order them all! Great stuff again Rejuiced.

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17/06/2020 Quentin   Verified

Now vaping NET (naturally extracted tobacco) Kentucky Virginian. I used to roll my own and smoked a half dark half virginia tobacco mix. The NET Kentucky Virginian has a good tobacco flavour but I find it a bit mild and a touch too sweet. Of the two that I have tried so far I would go with NET Burley which has a stronger and smokier taste.\r\nNevertheless this Kentucky Virginian is a good vape for those that want a mild but realistic tobacco flavour.

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10/09/2021 phil   Verified

I don't vape tobacco flavours but i buy this for my old Uncle.....he's settled on this flavour and has vaped nothing but this for 2 years now so it must be good!

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13/06/2021 Tamsyn   Verified

Excellent. This is the best Tabacco flavoured vape juice I've tried. Feels like you a smoking a cigarette and you still get the nicotine hit you need. I've given up smoking for 4 years now and this is by far the best vaping juice experience so far.

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20/02/2021 Paul Delaney   Verified

what an absoulute bad eliquid ,steeped for seven days and when tried guess what no taste, so bad in fact you pay for it and throw it away what a waist of money.

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