Aniseed Eliquid

Aniseed Eliquid

Aniseed Eliquid 

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Black Monk {The Original} - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Black Monk {The Original} - LiquidRage Shortfill

Blackcurrant, Menthol and Aniseed. Not for the faint-hearted,  B..
Blueborg - 50ml Shortfill FREE SHOT

Blueborg - 50ml Shortfill

A mysterious fruity cocktail of several types of berries, grapes, blue ras..
Pixie's Curse - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Pixie's Curse - LiquidRage Shortfill

Menthol, Berries and Aniseed. Don't be fooled by this innocent creature..
Red Monk - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Red Monk - LiquidRage Shortfill

Red berries, Black Grape, Menthol and Aniseed. Prepare for an assault o..
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