Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

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Strawberry Jam 

Classic Strawberry jam Flavour 

A warm vape thick vape with a mouth watering strawberry jam exhale. 

  • Excellent thick vapour production.. 
  • PG/VG ratio 30/70.
  • 100% TPD compliant e-liquid.

Zoe 18/06/2016

Ordered this a few times now and OMG it is like getting a spoon in the jam jar and putting it in the tank it is spot on and the clouds r amazing with this juice as well as other juicys from rejuiced , I was recommended to rejuiced by a friend a few months back and would never buy from anywhere else again , the price is amazing , the staff are amazing , the flavours are amazing & well the postage is out of this world can always rely on rejuiced to get that juice through that letterbox within no time flipping awesome keep up the hard work all you are smashing this . 1 thing missing you don't have a AMAZEBAĹLS button good just ain't summing it all up

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Hayley 10/09/2017

I've ordered many flavours from this website previously, but after a recommendation for 'Strawberry Jam' I will not be changing my flavour for quite some time. This liquid has a subtle, not too overpowering sweet strawberry twang to it, something in which really matters when it comes to someone who vapes a fair bit. Great website, fast and quality delivery. If your looking for a new flavour, strawberry jam will not disappoint!

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Aaron R 20/03/2017

Originally got this in the sample pack to try. Now it's literally been My all day vape for 3 months. If you like strawberry this is the best on the UK market *****

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Ryan 30/11/-0001

I'll give a fair review, even though I vaped this straight after receiving it, the flavour was still so intense. The last 3ml or so was a bit of an odd flavour but that's the purpose of leaving the liquid to steep. Flavour was on point, you could actually taste the pips with this flavour which has fully converted me to ignore any of the other premium e-liquid brands that cost twice as much for less flavour! Really cool flavour and I get some nice sugar lips which I love. 5/5, to vape that good before steep is insane, have a few to try after being steeped so can only mean good things.

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Sean Botting 26/07/2016

This is the best strawberry I've tasted!!!! Really is. Been buying American juices which you can't knock but now I'm only buying from you guys. So far my faves are this, busta lime, grape soda and cream egg. No hang on coconut, blue slush,mamas milk , fruity loopy milk they are all really up there. Always buy four of the flavour of the week. Really want to try sherbet, any banana and blueberry but got so much to get through. Think il defo be buying 120 of this though and with the extra shot next time. Love a sample of the ones mentioned if poss though as I can't help myself!!! Rejuiced ! Simply the best !!!

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Paul Shiels 02/04/2016

Strawberry jam, its got to be my favorite vape to date , a rich strawberry flavour on the inhale and keeps its flavour on the exhale. Mountains a smoke for those who like big clouds and yet not do dense as to put you off. i ordered the extra shot as i do with all my liquids if you like a full flavour add the extra shot its well worth the extra money you wont be dissapointed. got to say that rejuiced vapes have got to be one of the best vapes i have had and a fraction of the cost of other leading vape liquid companies. you just cannot compare at 1/3 of the price of other brands...hell im going to say it these are the best vapes you will ever try.

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Anthony 06/03/2016

Having tried almost 60% of the liquids, this would have to be my favourite (however, my favourite does vary from day to day lol) I use a nautilus and a Arctic sub tank. It's a lovely taste of the naulitus, smooth and sweet. But OMG!! On the Arctic, I can only describe it as vaping on a jammie dodger. It is a moreish vape. I even got carried away and set off the fire alarm in the block of flats. I order even week and already placed my order for 2 new different flavours but I will be ordering this again.. The extra shot with it is absolutely @*@*/!! divine

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Andy N 09/02/2016

Love the Strawberry Jam . If you're expecting fresh Strawberries , then you " might " be disappointed. It's sweet , jammy ,and strawberry . It most definitely needs a good 2 weeks to steep in a warm , dark place . You'll see the colour change and the flavour will be much better . I also think it needs the extra shot . Shame it doesn't already come with a stronger flavour rather than having to pay a little bit extra for the flavour . Would I recommend it it? Yes I would , and I'll most definitely buy it again . So I'll give it a full 5 stars .

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