Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears

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Unicorn Tears  

Brand new flavour

A delicious mix of ripe strawberries, custard and a touch of cheesecake with a mouthwatering creamy milk on the tail end.

A huge hit with customer taste trials in the shop!

  • All day vape.
  • 100% TPD compliant e-liquid

    Egidijus 26/07/17

    Been vaping 3 months. Had all sorts of issues with liquids (even premium brands) being too harsh at 3mg, the nicotine quality being shit and tasting peppery or the opposite the flavours (like fantasi) tasting sickeningly sweet. Wasted so much money already on liquids that I buy and can't vape. My friend recommended this site, I've only tried 2 of the 4 flavours I ordered, the 1st banana whipped cream and just now tried this unicorn milk. FINALLY I found my all day vape supplier. These flavours are amazing, subtle but so satisfying. Both 1.5mg and 3mg are smooth but on a big pull you can feel the nicotine just enough. The liquids taste good af and the price is good, way better than £15 - 30ml in "popular" brands everywhere else. I'm sure I'll be regularly ordering from this site.

    Tim Edwards 04/07/17

    In the last 10 months I have spent hundreds of £ on e-liquids.. always going for premium priced brands, in search of the perfect ADV. Unicorn Tears is it!!!!! Without letting it steep (as recommended) I squeezed 10ml into my Uwell Crown 3 tank... it lasted about 30mins!! Amazing smooth creamy inhale... a touch of custard and milk then the strawberry comes through on the exhale but not too sweet just perfect with custard/milk creamy taste. You then get a light biscuit taste afterwards. No one flavour is overpowering.. its perfectly balanced. My girlfriend who has been vaping Hobo Joes Gunk for 6 months (and refused to change) tried it and shes hooked!! Im about to order 150ml of this stuff. All the other premium priced liquids I have are now going to gather dust Im afraid!!

    Shawn 04/07/17

    This is lovely juice,it's been sat in my drawer for a few weeks.Admittedly i wasn't blown away at first but now!100% best i've had

    Sophie 13/06/17

    Bought this a couple of weeks ago, let it steep a bit as advised, and it's ok. Perfectly pleasant to vape but I wouldn't say it is full of flavour. Definitely get a creamy, biscuity flavour but not a lot of strawberry. Will likely buy again, but just starting to go through all the other flavours so we will see how they compare.

    Tim 25/05/17

    I wasnt sure what unicorn tears would actually taste like but its very nice, the milk flavour is definately there on the exhale. To me im not getting much strawberry at the moment on the inhale just the overriding taste of a custard but i will try some different wattages and tanks with this one as it seems to be one of those juices that will be flavour modified signifcantly depending on setup

    James 05/04/17

    Firstly ignore what stella has said in her review, this is not a replacement for unicorn milk, it has a completely different flavour profile, think more custard and cheesecake with a hint of strawberry and milk. The milk and strawberry are subtle but in just the right amount to combine with the cheesecake and custard to create a nice aftertaste. This is 1 of my 3 favourites along with jungle fever and raspberry rasputin. I also find that a good majority of liquids from rejuiced don't gunk up my coils quickly like some of the premium brands out there. This is a good thing as the juice is good, the price is cheap and it's saving me even more money on stock coils and cotton. Keep up the good work Rejuiced

    Stuart 02/04/17

    See this and just had to try it and its very yummy vape, does lacks strawberry flv as cheesecake seems to over power a bit but deff one of my new favs will be ordering some more

    Cindy 22/03/17

    I got some unicorn tears on the 7th of march and still can't use them I have had other flavours and they have been fine I don't know if I will be able to ever use these liquids I hope so I won't be buying the unicorn tears again

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