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Isle of Custard

Isle of Custard

Isle of Custard

Rejuiced has acquired The Isle of Custard.

The  Isle of Custard who formed in 2016 quickly established themselves as the one of the leading premium custard brands in Europe.
Unfortunately, The Isle of Custard  fell victim of their own success and struggled to keep up with demand. ultimately forcing them to close their doors at the beginning of the year.

Rejuiced will be taking over production while 100% respecting the original recipes. We will also be honouring the highly competitive Rejuiced pricing structure.

  • 10ml | Shortfill
Walk the Plank -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Walk the Plank - Shortfill

Creamy vanilla custard with raspberry jam.   ..
Blueberry Sea Biscuit -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Blueberry Sea Biscuit - Shortfill

Rich buttery shortcake covered in sweet cream and blueberries. ..
Cutlass Custard -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Cutlass Custard - Shortfill

Creamy and dreamy! A rich, extra creamy vanilla custard. Add a our fre..
Old Salt's Custard -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Old Salt's Custard - Shortfill

Creamy Vanilla custard with a dash of toffee sauce. ..
Sea Dog's Custard -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Sea Dog's Custard - Shortfill

Creamy Vanilla custard with a touch of sponge pudding. Add a our free..
Galley Rat's Pudding -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Galley Rat's Pudding - Shortfill

Rich vanilla custard with toffee and sponge pudding. ..
Bosun's Nutting Bag -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Bosun's Nutting Bag - Shortfill

Creamy vanilla custard with peanut butter and toffee. Add a our free 10ml..
Cap'ncinno Custard -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Cap'ncinno Custard - Shortfill

Creamy vanilla custard with coffee and a splash of toffee! Add a our free..
Apples 'O Cin -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Apples 'O Cin - Shortfill

The Devilish Apples 'O Cin, apples, butter, toffee, pastry, cream and cinn..
Blueberry Sea Biscuit 10ml

Blueberry Sea Biscuit 10ml

Isle of Custard Blueberry Sea Biscuit shortfill now available in ready to ..
£1.99 3 for £4.99
Captain's Custard Donut -  Shortfill FREE SHOT

Captain's Custard Donut - Shortfill

Our infamous glazed custard donut...
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