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Last month we ran a poll "What products do you want to see next from Rejuiced?".
New flavours won by a staggering 43% this even shocked us!

We are committed to bringing you new and unique flavours at a reasonable price... 
To continue this ethos we have just completed the acquisition of LiquidRage -Joining the recent Dripworx and Isle of Custard, Rejuiced family additions.

LiquidRage was founded in 2015 by its owners in frustration to weak flavoured eliquid.
They set out to create 'in your face, potent flavours that hit you like a sledgehammer!'

The LiquidRage team received tremendous success selling their intense and unique flavour combinations online and in the most popular vape shops all over the UK and Europe!

Below we have 20 new shortfills flavours and 3 new 10ml's to choose from, more to be added in due course.

Warning: These are strong flavours!
  • 10ml | Shortfill
Dingoberry - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Dingoberry - LiquidRage Shortfill

Mixed Berry Citrus Soda. The beast you’ll never let go of! Citrus soda ..

£4.95 including VAT
Black Monk {The Original} - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Black Monk {The Original} - LiquidRage Shortfill

Blackcurrant, Menthol and Aniseed. Not for the faint-hearted,  B..

£9.99 including VAT
Purp - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Purp - LiquidRage Shortfill

Grape, Pink Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Juicy grape smashed together wi..

£9.99 including VAT
Bunny Milk - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Bunny Milk - LiquidRage Shortfill

Strawberry Custard. Smooth creamy custard combined with strawberry good..

£7.99 including VAT
Blue Muff - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Blue Muff - LiquidRage Shortfill

Blueberry Sugar Crust Muffin. The taste of a warm, moist muffin bursti..

£9.99 including VAT
Pixie's Curse - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Pixie's Curse - LiquidRage Shortfill

Menthol, Berries and Aniseed. Don't be fooled by this innocent creature..

£9.99 including VAT
Red Monk - LiquidRage 10ml

Red Monk - LiquidRage 10ml

Red berries, Black Grape, Menthol and Aniseed. Red Monk is also availab..

£2.49 3 for £5.49 including VAT
The Borg - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

The Borg - LiquidRage Shortfill

Berries, Eucalyptus and Menthol The future has arrived and  The Bo..

£9.99 including VAT
Black Monk  - LiquidRage 10ml

Black Monk - LiquidRage 10ml

Blackcurrant, Menthol and Aniseed. Not for the faint-hearted,  B..

£2.49 3 for £5.49 including VAT
Unicorn Blood - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Unicorn Blood - LiquidRage Shortfill

Raspberry Milk. Ever wondered what  Unicorn Blood  tastes ..

£9.99 including VAT
Grizzly Tears - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Grizzly Tears - LiquidRage Shortfill

Sour Apple Cola. If you like your juice tongue tingling with eye-w..

£9.99 including VAT
Pinkeye - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Pinkeye - LiquidRage Shortfill

Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime. Pinkeye  is an eye-popping j..

£9.99 including VAT
Bobbler - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Bobbler - LiquidRage Shortfill

A million bubble gums!  Can you imagine chewing on a million bubb..

£9.99 including VAT
Cupid's Tonic - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Cupid's Tonic - LiquidRage Shortfill

Sour Strawberry Laces Roses are red, violets are blue, is  Cupid'..

£9.99 including VAT
Twisted - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Twisted - LiquidRage Shortfill

Strawberry, Lime and Vanilla Icecream. The tangy zest of lime, comfort..

£9.99 including VAT
Splonk - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Splonk - LiquidRage Shortfill

Strawberry Bubblegum and Pear drops. The wacky combo of pear drops and..

£9.99 including VAT
Jammy Doh - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Jammy Doh - LiquidRage Shortfill

Strawberry Jam Doughnuts. The irresistible waft of fresh doughnuts neve..

£9.99 including VAT
Gran's Tart - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Gran's Tart - LiquidRage Shortfill

Lemon Curd Tart. Gran's Tart  evokes memories of childhood visits t..

£9.99 including VAT
Discontinued Red Monk - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Red Monk - LiquidRage Shortfill

Red berries, Black Grape, Menthol and Aniseed. Prepare for an assault o..

£9.99 including VAT
S'lush - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

S'lush - LiquidRage Shortfill

Blue Raspberries and Blueberries. Now you can enjoy the flavours of you..

£9.99 including VAT
Out Of Stock Beetlejuice - LiquidRage 10ml

Beetlejuice - LiquidRage 10ml

Strawberry, mango, pineapple, raspberry The only beetle in the world th..

£2.49 3 for £5.49 including VAT
Beetlejuice - LiquidRage Shortfill FREE SHOT

Beetlejuice - LiquidRage Shortfill

Strawberry, mango, pineapple, raspberry The only beetle in the world t..

£9.99 including VAT
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